Bel-Aire Backyard – The Opulent Pool Experience to Define Your Summer

Durango Bel Aire Backyard Hero Pool (Photo by Clint Jenkins)
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With summer approaching and the temperature rising, the Las Vegas pool scene will be the place to be as Sin City heats up. The Las Vegas strip has end-to-end pool parties and everything that goes with them, but changing pace, venturing away from the masses, and looking for something new will bring you to the stunning Bel-Aire Backyard at Durango Casino and Resort.

Bel Aire Backyard Daybed (Photo by Clint Jenkins)

The Bel-Aire Backyard takes you beyond the Las Vegas landscape with the secluded pool surrounded by towering palm trees and a beautiful view of the Durango hotel. From there, the pool gives the guests the desired experience, giving you every poolside option. The 65,000 square foot Bel-Aire Backyard features three giant cabanas perfect for parties, as you can fit up to 12 guests. There are 10 more standard cabanas, daybeds and over-water lily pads that put you right in the water. If you are looking for something a little more casual, there are also 58 chaise lounges for guests to use.

Once you make your way into the Bel-Aire Backyard, you will immediately appreciate the high level of attentiveness given to every guest. From the hostess who helps you find your spot for the day to the attendees who make sure you are set up with towels and have everything you need. Then you can start your day off with one of the numerous handcrafted cocktails and food that your waitress will make sure gets to you before you even get settled. Unlike some of the massive day pools, the Bel-Aire Backyard makes everyone feel like a VIP, providing you with that type of service throughout your day. From there you can enjoy yourself in the relaxing pool or in the hot tub, at one of two bars, or playing games in the back area.

Great service at Bel-Aire Backyard

The Bel-Aire Backyard is enticing for many reasons, but if you are looking for the true differentiator, the food is unlike anything you would expect to be served at a pool. The Backyard Grill takes dining poolside to a whole new level, giving you two different experiences to choose from and each one serves up the same great food. Regardless of where you are hanging out at the pool, the servers never leave you looking for them to place an order and if you are looking for a sit-down experience, the Backyard Grill has stunning patio dining adjacent to the pool. The Backyard Grill takes you from breakfast to appetizers, sushi and main courses that would impress at any sit-down restaurant in Las Vegas.

Durango Roll

This is a menu that does not disappoint regardless of what you order, but if there is one consensus dish that is loved by all, that is “The Durango Roll.” Clearly, with this being the namesake of the property, a lot of thought was put into it, and the flavors come at you in every direction. The roll starts with a combination of ahi tuna and eel, which is paired with chili aioli, sweet soy and some grilled pineapple and finally, it is given a great texture contrast with the addition of bubu arare crunch. There are so many options, the food will entice you to keep coming back as much as the pool. You will find Miso Sea Bass Lettuce Cups, Lobster Rolls on a griddled brioche bun, an Ahi Poke Bowl and Truffle Penne Pasta that would make any Italian restaurant envious. The fresh pasta is smothered in truffle cream and prosciutto. If you want to somehow make this dish even better, add the grilled chicken.

Bel Aire Backyard Back Bar (Photo by Clint Jenkins)

Pool season is just in its infancy this season and with a long summer ahead of you, planning that epic day in the Las Vegas sun is definitely on the horizon. While the Las Vegas strip is known for the massive over-the-top pool parties, the Bel-Aire Backyard offers up to that Sin City pool party, while keeping it a little more intimate, giving everyone that VIP poolside experience. If you are looking for a pool that combines the high standard that Las Vegas demands from the moment the sun hits your shoulders until the time the sun sets, the Bel Aire Backyard does just that without fail.

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