Oktoberfest – Celebrate With Golden Road Brewing

(Image Courtesy Kyle Lewis Golden Road Brewing)
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Golden Road Brewing is the brewery that is synonymous with Los Angeles and bringing west coast flavors to the City of Angels. They certainly don’t limit themselves and are always up for a flavor that goes beyond this region, nothing showing that more than their recently released Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is a long running celebration that takes its roots back to 1810 in Germany. America has long since joined the celebration and Golden Road has thrown joyous Oktoberfest celebrations over the years as well as making their own classic Oktoberfest beer.

A lot of breweries take on the challenge of brewing an Oktoberfest beer and while there are plenty of good versions out there, the Golden Road Oktoberfest (5.8% ABV) is a must try with how close they come to perfecting this once a year beer that combines malt and caramel flavors beautifully. It all starts with German Vienna and Munich malts that are brought together with Castle Cara Munich and Cara Vienna malts to create this smooth and very flavorful beer.

The beautiful amber Oktoberfest beer from Golden Road

You certainly can enjoy this great beer at any Golden Road location or pick up some to enjoy at home, but this is Oktoberfest. This is a celebration meant to be shared with people in a festive setting and while it is not yet back to the full pre-covid bash that it was, the Golden Road Pub in Anaheim has an Oktoberfest celebration planned for September 10th. Enjoy a day at this beautiful location, drinking an Oktoberfest beer in their limited edition mug that must be paired with their giant Bavarian pretzel. Golden Road will also have live music at 4 p.m. from Hammerstein Band with their authentic German music.

Oktoberfest means fall and beyond this one celebration, Los Angeles and Golden Road will be celebrating the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams with their “Whose House” blonde ale. This very light and easy to drink beer was made for tailgating before any big game or watching the Rams at any of the Golden Road locations.

(Photo Courtesy Golden Road Brewing)

Having a beer while enjoying your favorite sports team is always a fun experience and Southern California offers you plenty of teams to support and a number of great locations for you to visit. Fall does mean one more thing beyond Oktoberfest and football: holiday parties and family gatherings. Golden Road offers some great options and the Anaheim location seems to keep expanding, giving you more and more choices for you and your group regardless of size. Whether it is your business, family or friends, Golden Road will never disappoint.

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