“Book of Leaves Review” – Presented by The Roustabouts of San Diego

Photo courtesy of Roustabouts
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By Kathy Carpenter

Tom Stephenson as Walter mad Maybelle Shimizu as Sylvie – photo courtesy of Roustabouts

The Roustabouts of San Diego are premiering and streaming a unique filmed reading of Will Coopers “Book of Leaves.” Directed by Kim Strassburger. In honor of the Autumnal Equinox. “Heartfelt family emotions, tugging at our most vulnerable touch-points.”

Justin Land and Maybelle Shimizu – photo courtesy of Roastabouts

“Book of Leaves” is the story of a family coming together for a weekend after years of separation, including a father, Walter, who lives in the family home out in the country.  His is an exquisite, cabin style home, surrounded by trees, a family grove as Walter refers to it containing trees he’s planted for family members over the years. Prince, his son, and Slyvie, his girlfriend, are currently living with Walter.  Beth, Walter’s daughter,  and her husband, Jack , are coming for the weekend. Each has a secret, which will come to light over the weekend.

Justin Land and Leigh Akin who plays Beth photo courtesy of Roustabouts

This is an interesting story, presented in a different manner that offers something to explore.  I really loved the title of the play, which was the actual, book of leaves. When they were young Walter and his wife created these books with the children. Creating the kind of wonderful memories that families need.  On a certain Fall day they would go into the yard and select a leaf. They they would write about the leaf and how they were feeling that day, and save it in a book. The touching part is that Walter still has both of the books, and has kept them up to date. Adding leaves, memories, and inspiration, each year. It is such a great tradition.

Durwood Murray as Jack – photo courtesy of Roustabouts

Walter, is played by Tom Stephenson, Prince by Justin Lang, Silvie by, Maybelle Shimizu, Beth, by Leigh Akin, Jack, by Durwood Murray. It is a solid cast that wrenches the emotions of viewers. There was one other actor, Kandace Crystal, who played Alice, a realtor.  Kandace sparkled with her Shakespearean theatrics.

After everything families have been through the past 19 months, it;s time to give thought to what really matters. Do you have a secret you need to tell? Let this film inspire you. Watch the film and let your heart take you where it may. Start your own Book of Leaves.

Justin Lang as Prince – photo courtesy of Roustabouts

The Roustabouts present on demand from September 22 – October 10,021.


Leigh Akin and Maybelle Shimizu – photo courtesy of Roustabouts

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