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Ah. Goals. Setting them seems simple enough. Decide on interests you’d like to pursue and go. Prime example? Health. Most people choose to keep themselves healthy to live longer, spend more time with their loved ones and have more energy to do what they love to do. Part of being healthy includes eating well, and incorporating some type of workout in your schedule. To workout or not to workout? While the ever present question looms large, the benefits of working out remain numerous. Mental clarity and being in top physical shape are two goals accomplished with implementing a consistent workout routine. Taking care of yourself involves actions that promote well-being.

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Jaz Jackson, founder of J-Sculpt fitness, created a “Mindfully Me ” event blending a desire to improve physical and mental wellness. Throughout All-Star weekend, different activities such as “Seester Live Chats” with Jessie Woo, Jaz Jackson and Vanessa Simmons as well as workouts to get your heart rate pumping with friendly and positive trainers from Put Up Resultz, Kasheef and ReShaun, assisted in making self-care fun and memorable. Some people prefer having instructors or coaches assisting them reach their workout goals. This event delivered action packed motivation, encouragement and welcoming smiles to ensure a good workout.  Participants received J-Sculpt Fitness swag bags with an adjustable resistance band which is great for adding an extra challenge to your workout. 

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Chicago Splash Magazine had the chance to interview Jaz Jackson to get an inside scoop. 

Chicago Splash Magazine: How did the idea for the All Star weekend event come about?

Jaz Jackson: We’ve been wanting to provide an event like this for over a year now. Our goal was to give the city of Chicago a physical example of all of the things we believe in as a business. Outside of followers of our brand or customers; those who touch basis with JSCULPT are women first and we believe in keeping that at the forefront of our brands mission at all times. 

Chicago Splash Magazine: What’s your “go-to” workout?

Jaz Jackson: My body responds well to HIIT Cardio. I was officially introduced to this form of working out last year by Atlanta personal trainers Put Up Resultz. I’d participated in an online program they’d created and lost weight and inches in the matter of weeks. 

Chicago Splash Magazine: What advice would you like to share with young girls who want to start their own company? 

Jaz Jackson:  My advice is to start where you are. Use all of your resources that are readily available to you to build your brand organically. Always be a student of your market and be open to constant change as a business owner. 

Chicago Splash Magazine: Who inspires you?

Jaz Jackson: I am often inspired by anyone who works hard to reach their goals. I know it may sound cliche, but it takes a certain amount of grit and passion to constantly work towards a goal until you reach it! I’m inspired by people who’ve mastered patience but I am equally inspired by strong women who break the rules! 

Chicago Splash Magazine: When will the next event be?

Jaz Jackson: We’re currently in preparation to attend the Black Women’s Expo here in Chicago April third thru the fifth. We plan to create more events like Mindfully Me so be sure to follow our social media @jsculptfitness to keep up with our schedule. 

Chicago Splash Magazine: Anything else you’d like your fans to know? 

Jaz Jackson: Thank you so much to all of our amazing supporters! I’m always so amazed at your continued support of this growing brand. I’m looking forward to the many memories we’ll create in 2020!  

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Jaz Jackson exemplifies a fitness oriented person who works hard to reach her goals. Her “Mindfully Me” event successfully integrated self-care for all the attendees. Goals for life typically include general wellness mentally, physically, and emotionally. All three components of wellness are sharpened, tuned, and primed for benefits when you add working out. Head to to up your fitness game.


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